This list of school activities is not exhaustive.  It has been put on the website to give an insight into activities undertaken through the school.

  • Choir - an all year round group made up of children in the Rimu and Totalra syndicates
  • Drama group - a lunch time activty taken in the Kauri syndicate
  • WOW wearable arts - this forms part of the biannual Art Splash for schools
  • Art Exhibition - a bianniual event where every child exhibits two peices of their art
  • Cross Country - an annual event for all age groups.  Those who do well are selected to compete in interschool events
  • Swimming sports - A seperate competition day is held each year for the juinor, middle and senior students.  It has both a competitive and participation focus.
  • Jump Rope for Heart - an event held once every two years encouraging skipping for health
  • Run Jump Throw - an atheltics day held every two years
  • Camp - for year 7 and 8's only and is held each year for either 3 or 5 days
  • National and International exams - students are able to enter various acadamic exams .  These can be run through the classroom or children can be entered by the parents into the exams which are advertised in the newsletter.
  • Basketball - this is availalbe for those in years 5 to 8. The school enters teams into the Parumoana competion held at Rangikura School. Training is in Monday evenings in the hall.
  • Production - a massive undertaking by the whole school once every two years. 
  • Fairplay Sports
  • Assembly
  • Netball
  • Music
  • Before School Care & After School Care